Semalt: DIY Crawlers Or Scrapers To Get Data From Ecommerce Websites

Various techniques and methods have been developed to grab data from e-commerce websites, online stores, social media websites or other similar portals. Sometimes you can obtain data from an e-commerce site like Amazon and eBay manually, but such data can be inaccurate and unorganized. Thus, you always need to use DIY crawlers or scrapers to extract data, monitor and maintain its quality.


Tabula is one of the most powerful and outstanding DIY scrapers. It can scrape your PDF files and is good for e-commerce websites. You just have to highlight the data and let Tabula scrape it for you. It promises to give accurate data as per your requirements and expectations. Once installed and activated, Tabula will extract data from both Amazon and eBay without any problem.


It is not only a web crawler but also a comprehensive and useful data extraction program. This DIY tool lets you collect data in an organized and well-versed form. You don't have to worry about its quality as OpenRefine will provide you with the high-level data extraction facilities.


Scraperwiki is a useful DIY crawler and scraper that helps extract data from all major e-commerce websites. It encourages programmers and developers to use online information and turn it into the legitimate dataset. Scraperwiki doesn't require you to learn any programming language such as Python, PHP, and Ruby. is yet another amazing DIY tool that uses a simple point-and-click option to get the things done. You can easily obtain data from your favorite e-commerce sites, complex web pages, and multimedia files using This program is best known for its user-friendly interface and automatically fixes the raw data for you. It is perfect for startups and enterprises that are looking to extract Amazon's data for their businesses. It lets you extract both images and text from the modern HTML5 and Web 2.0 sites which use AJAX and JavaScript.


There are a large number of DIY crawlers and data scrapers on the internet, but Semantics3 is a relatively new program. If you want to obtain information of different Amazon or eBay products without compromising on quality, you must use this tool. Downloading and installing it will not take much time. Semantics3 gained popularity in just a few months, and its database is considered one of the best and most reliable. It saves images, prices, product descriptions and other information for you from the retailers like Walmart, eBay, and Amazon. Moreover, this tool does real-time lookups for the users and comes up their expectations.


Agenty is a cloud-hosted scraping application best for e-commerce and travel websites. It is easy to setup and can be integrated with Google Chrome. Websites like eBay and Amazon can be extracted within minutes using this comprehensive DIY program. You can get product details, stock information, and prices.

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